Official statistics tell us that Identity Data Theft related crime is one of the fastest growing crimes in the UK today.
Recent reports claim that 1 in 3 of us will have been targeted and affected by this type of crime by ruthless criminals over the next 10yrs causing distress, possible embarrassment and financial loss.

Isn't it time to do something about it??

There's been much talk about the way we treat our planet, particularly in terms of waste, in fact we've seen many information drives, council recycling programmes, energy efficiency campaigns and even global music events to highlight the problems relating to waste and recycling.

We offer an opportunity for you to do your own bit for that cause, not because you have to but because you want to...


Our original idea for a company specialising in providing all sized UK businesses with a secure, convenient, cost efficient and environmentally beneficial solution to the problem of Identity Theft and Global Warming was conceived early in 2006.

At that time personal Identity Theft was rife, Corporate ID Theft was growing at an alarming rate and statistics showed that we would take our own planet to an irreversible level of destruction if we didn't quickly change our attitude to waste and recycling.

In 2007 Green Plan-it was launched with a variety of off the shelf products and a bespoke security / recycling service for any UK client requiring secure and cost effective solutions to their waste management headaches.

In an ever changing industry, and world, we identified a need in the market for a company to enter that moves at the speed needed to keep up with clients ever changing requirements.  From a new extra fuel efficient fleet to energy saving machinery to electronic purchasing we will continually adapt our business to ensure we can offer a cost effective, secure & green proposition so each client considers us a true benefit to their business.

The entire Green Plan-it team is focused and totally dedicated to the Core Values of our business:
'To make Green Plan-it the No.1 Company of choice to Work, Shop and Invest through consistently exceeding client expectation.

'To constantly strive to improve our service proposition through the use of new systems, processes and technologies to ensure we always demonstrate fantastic value for money.'

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