Part of our service includes the provision of standard product items free of charge. We also deliver these to your business / site address and even position them within your location - again free of charge.

When we visit to collect we again, go to each individual cabinet / bin location and carry out the collection service.
At all times our Customer Service Operatives are respectful to your working surroundings and are instructed to go about their business causing you minimal disturbance.


Our service proposition marries together our impressive security benefits with our environmental contribution features to provide clients with a fully comprehensive solution to the problems associated with the management of confidential information and recycle-able waste.

One of our major focus points is to provide our services in a way that causes minimal disruption to our clients, this means us doing as much of the time consuming work as possible.

Therefore a large percentage of our proposition revolves around on-site service levels.

To demonstrate our commitment in providing you with a system that offers as much convenience as possible, we offer in our standard package:

Free Container Hire

  • Wooden Locking Security Cabinets
  • Locking Security Wheelie Bins
  • Cardboard Wheelie Bins
  • 4 Wheeled Recycling Bins
  • Paper Recycling Bins
  • Plastic Cup Recycling Bins
  • Ink / Toner Recycling Bins

Free Additional Bags

  • Additional Inner Bags if required (contents only will be charged for)

Free 'To Desk' Delivery & Installation

  • Select the sites you want covering
  • Tell us the required internal locations - we install

Free Emptying and Collection from Container Location

  • Our Customer Service Operator reports to reception
  • We visit and service each internal location
  • You choose whether you accompany or not

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