Disposal Services in Compliance with WEEE Regulations and Data Protection

In any instance where a business seeks to dispose of IT equipment, documents or anything else that may contain personal or sensitive data, it must be done in accordance with strict rules and regulations. WEEE Regulations apply to the disposal of IT equipment, while the Data Protection Act imposes certain rules restrictions on the disposal of documents.

Green Plan-It offers comprehensive and compliant secure document destruction for Midlands businesses of all types and spanning all sectors. We can help ensure your business remains in full compliance with all applicable laws and regulations, in order to avoid costly and damaging consequences.

WEEE Regulations

Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment regulations apply to the disposal of IT hardware and accessories. Such equipment cannot legally be fly-tipped or dumped, but must instead be disposed of by authorised and approved channels/services providers.

When IT equipment is to be disposed of, it should be passed to a registered and reputable company that offers a transfer notice or document of receipt, in order to prove that the items were disposed of appropriately. Businesses may be called upon to provide evidence of WEEE Regulation compliance, meaning such documents must be both obtained and retained.

The Data Protection Act

We also offer comprehensive virtual and physical data shredding services for Midlands businesses. The Data Protection Act states that any information whatsoever pertaining to a living person constitutes private, personal and potentially sensitive data. This applies to both physical documents and the data stored on IT and computer equipment alike.

When disposing of IT equipment and physical records, it is a matter of law that each and every entry of data be destroyed in a manner that makes it impossible to then recover. Any data that is not adequately destroyed has the potential to be used for identity theft and a variety of other forms of fraudulent activity.

Businesses are therefore obliged to both responsibly destroy all such data and provide evidence of such destruction, which may be requested by investigation authorities. Authorised and reputable secure shredding and recycling services are able to offer official certificates of destruction, which serve as concrete evidence of responsible disposal practices.

The Total Service Package

Green Plan-It is committed to offering the total service package for businesses of all sizes. From initial consultations to collection to issuing of responsible disposal certification, we take care of everything for the lowest possible price.

For more information or to discuss a collection get in touch with our customer care team today.

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