Top 5 Reasons to Shred Your Documents

You might not realise it at first, but there are more reasons than most people think that businesses decide to get their documents shredded, even if they were never confidential as such. The demand for secure document shredding at home and in the work place is becoming greater day by day. Here are just a few of the best reasons to get your documents destroyed properly.

1) Secure Shredding & Paper Recycling Service

Combining all your business paper waste streams with one single disposal service is always an efficient and secure way to work. At Green Plan-It we offer a comprehensive paper shredding service which is managed with our regular collections from your place of business. Its always safer to shred everything rather than segregate confidential from non-confidential paperwork. Not only can we destroy all paper waste streams, you can also combine this with the collection and secure disposal of your WEEE waste.

2) Protection for customers

Customer details should be heavily protected since you have a legal and moral responsibility to do so as a business. Particularly sensitive information including payment details should never be written down, but if they are, they need to be disposed of securely.

3) Protection for employees

By the same token, employees have legal rights to protection. It’s likely that a lot of information is stored in your business about each employee, not only including any personal details you have on file. There are also usually pay records, health records, copies of their formal IDs and more to consider. Anything outdated or unnecessary must be shredded.

4) Legal requirements

Identity theft is a major threat to customers and employees, but even if you don’t have any regard for them, compromising a customer’s identity could become a major threat to you. If you are found to have been negligent under the Data Protection Act or other related laws, you could have heavy penalties. Ultimately you shouldn’t need a reason to follow the law, but the potential financial consequences should be serious enough to remind you!

5) Clear out some space

Last but not least, disposing of your documents securely is a great way to save space. More and more businesses are actually going paperless, which is often more secure as well as more convenient. A professional, confidential shredding service may be the perfect one-off solution to clear out your wasted office space and put it to better use.

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