A typical day for Green Plan-It staff is shredding confidential waste; however, this doesn’t just mean we only destroy paper documents. Several products that are designated as sensitive material are often overlooked, but could create a data breach if fraudsters gain access. 

With a vast number of confidential waste removal and destruction services available, Green Plan-it can help your business in more way than one. Below is a list of just some of the products you might need destroying to prevent data loss:


Most businesses have a vast amount of sensitive information stored on hard drives; these could be old, out of use computers; however the data still remains intact. Simply deleting all the files and folders doesn’t mean that thieves can’t restore this information. It isn’t just hard drives, USB sticks, SD cards and SIM cards all hold data that need destroying correctly.

As mobile phones are often required to be taken away from business premise they are highly at risk. When it breaks or the users upgrades to a newer model, the mobile still needs destroying properly. Similar with hard drives, the data can be restored if in the wrong pair of hands, even if everything has been previously deleted.   

Green Plan-It can take all the worry away and securely destroy all IT equipment that you no longer need.  


Passports, driving licenses, bank cards and ID badges are just a few examples that hold confidential information. These identification documents have extensive data that if are no longer needed should be disposed of correctly and safely. Don’t just simply throw these items in the bin, as once your rubbish is left outside for collection it is no longer your property and anyone can take ownership to anything found.  


Clothing isn’t often considered when it comes to confidential waste management. However, all it would take for a thief to gain access to your facility is simply wear branded uniform. If your business operates over a large location, it might be easier for someone to walk in without notice. Now they could gain access to your computer or filing systems. Green Plan-it can provide an essential service in destroying these items. 

Branded items:

If you are going through a rebrand don’t let someone accessing your old material spoil your launch. We can help destroy all the material that features your previous logo or out dated information. That way there is no risk of any unwanted attention if the incorrect products or information is sent out. 

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