Media & secure document destruction service

Safeguard Your Data From Any Potential Theft

Data and identity theft are both ever-increasing problems in today’s progressing technological landscape. Whether it’s your PC or mobile device, any type of gadget that can store secure information electronically can pose a threat. In essence, merely throwing away your electronic devices may not always be the best recourse in terms of your security.

Although some companies and individuals typically resort to software that eliminates data or just storing their electronic equipment, such procedures are ultimately risky since it may inadvertently lead to data infringement or other related threats.

To make sure you get the safest option possible, Green Plan-it has ready-made solutions that will put you at ease like never before. After every collection we will provide an itemized asset list with the manufacturers name and serial number along with a ‘Certificate of Destruction’.


Broad Array of Media Destruction

Green Plan-it accepts an extensive range of IT devices for disposal and destruction. From hard drives to optical media and disks, we have everything covered down to the last byte !

Whatever electronic media you possess, rest assured we are well equipped to handle that all data will be eliminated and rendered destroyed. Here is a list of the most popular items we regularly handle :-

  • SIM Cards
  • Memory Sticks
  • Hard Drives
  • Micro Chips
  • Servers
  • CDs
  • Video Tapes
  • Fax Ribbons


Utilizing a Secure Destruction Process

We pride ourselves in our commitment by extending a guarded chain of custody wherein all transfers made are duly traced, tracked and recorded from pickup to its destruction for optimum security measures.

All media are destroyed in a reliable, secure location and are then recycled by our authorized partners in order to lessen carbon footprint. Once this process is completed, a Certificate of Destruction for all your items will be issued as proof that all data has been destroyed.

Our IT recycling and disposal services are available throughout the UK.

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